Monday, June 4, 2012

The Great Closet Cleanout Begins

This is the fourth year that I have challenged myself to clear out the closets at the beginning of my summer break. And I'm not limiting myself to closets this year, but I will also declutter and organize cabinets, drawers, shelving and the sheds outside. Since I have already done a clear out last year, and a spiff up of some of the drawers and cabinets during my winter break this should not be a daunting task. On the other hand, I did acquire some new kitchen gadgets and tools at my latest Pampered Chef Cooking Shows that I have hosted or attended. I have also purchased some new tumblers and a serving tray to match the patio dishes that I got last summer, and a NuWave oven for cooking on the countertop, outside and when we are at a camp spot. I hope to have some new outdoor kitchen storage before too many weeks pass as well. It would have been great if FLYLady had a Super Fling Boogie Challenge going about now, but I'll just have begin one of my own.

     Where to begin? I started late last week in my master bedroom. It is supposed to be my place of refuge and peace and so it made sense that it come first for me.As I cleaned out my bedroom closet, I noticed a small bag and a box that were items that were stash-and-dash from a quick cleanup a few weeks back. I pulled out enough clothes to fill a small bag that I will donate and then straightened up the shelves. I still need to figure out a solution for my shoes. They are currently lined up across my closet floor under the hanging clothes. I looked at a couple of different shoe racks yesterday at the home and garden store, but really haven't found what I want yet. I'll keep my eye out and do some online research as well. I also straightened up my clothes dresser. It took all of five minutes. It feels really good to have these two areas checked off my list. I still need to put away the stash and dash items that are now on my desk, but they were not technically a part of the closet anyway. As for the rest of the bedroom, I am not going to touch Joe's closet, but he promises to revamp his own in the near future. I will also tackle the entertainment center, desk and bookshelves at a later time. I'm not really sure how much effort they will require or even when I will begin. But next, I am on to the kitchen...

                                                                                                                                          Break Time!!!!

     Pantry cleared out for shelf build                                            


FLYLady's plan has us working in the Kitchen Zone this week, so that has become my second area of focus. We have decided to expand the shelving in the pantry from five 14x21-inch white plastic shelves to four-15x81 inch shelves.and room for storage bins and the dog's sleep crate underneath.  We picked up the finished shelving yesterday, but they only had 5 of the 12 L-brackets we need for the project, so I spent some time today prepping the area in wait for Joe to come home. He worked later than normal tonight, but stopped to pick up seven more brackets so we could get the shelves up tonight. I have also started with the sorting and decluttering of  the cabinets in the kitchen. The canned and boxed goods are now sorted into like items on the dining room table and waiting for their new home.

 New shelving in pantry. Moving food and appliances will wait until tomorrow morning.