Sunday, February 10, 2008


Legos have been a staple of the toy collection at my house since my oldest son Joe was a preschooler. He spent hours upon hours making the most unique creations. As years passed, I only added a few Legos, and yet the creations continued. Last week I got the box out for Raymond and Daniel to play with and Joe jumped right in to show his little brothers all of the possible creations. It is amazing how much more precision there is in the creations, how much more detail work. I think Joe needs to go to work at Legoland and he would be in his element. Could that really be a rewarding career? Raymond and Daniel have spent their share of time in the Lego bins, and Daniel has taken apart many of his older brother's assemblies just to see how it works. Oops! Did I break that? Back to the drawing board for improvements or even greater creations.

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