Saturday, April 19, 2008

April Showers

Saturday in April and the weather is wet and dreary. At least there is hope for the sun to come out later and the temperature to warm up. We shall see. It seems that Spring has stalled out and we see 45 degree weather far more than 65 degrees on the thermometer. Raymond's class had their Spring party Wednesday, and the weather stayed pretty good for the egg hunt (yes, weeks after Easter, but Easter came too early this year). Then he had Thursday and Friday off. Daniel wanted to stay home too, so he stayed home Friday.

At work, a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders as the state assessments have been completed on the 10th, and all went well. Now I am on to getting the kids ready for their assessments in 7th grade, deciding who goes to Summer School and making placements into 7th grade math classes for next August.

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