Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Winding down

Summer vacation is finally here. I am working on slowing the energy level from this school year, so I can take a brief break before I start on next year's gear up for energy. Moving my classrooms before August is proving quite taxing, as having the people that need to be there actually there will probably prove near impossible. I have finished up my last contract day today, but will have to go in again tomorrow to pack up more and label what I can't move yet. I will have to go in again when Summer School is over to unpack, as we are not supposed to move completely until after Summer School is complete. I am working on organizing items in boxes and file drawers a much as possible as I pack. I am also working on purging as much as possible, but I think that I have already scaled down so much over the past three years, that I really don't have a lot of extra stuff.

We are also working on loading up the van for a trip to Oklahoma. The weather has been very wet here and there so I'm not sure how much lake action I can take with rain and mud in the picture. We are considering postponing until the weather is better. The older boys will be home to take care of the dogs so I am not sure how long we will be away.

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