Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good-bye November

There are just 25 days until Christmas. There is snow on the ground, which has been a great thrill for the boys, and for Daniel especially. The boys went out to catch snowflakes last night before bed and then played in the snow today. The snow was pretty wet, so it made some good snowballs. They cleaned off the patio furniture and then made paths in the snow in the yard. Oh, and they did get to sip on cocoa when they came in to get warmed up.

The major part of my Christmas shopping is done. I put the last order in yesterday. I just have a few things to pick up for my team at work and the boys' school gifts and then just a few small finishing touches that are more fun to do when shopping. The little boys also need to shop for their brothers, so Joe or I will take them out to do that soon. I have had plenty of years where I waited until December weekends and more often I had waited until my Christmas break to do the bulk of my shopping. Last year's ice storm knocked out a lot of my shopping time as we spent two weeks before Christmas dealing with electricity and heating issues, so I wanted to make sure that being unprepared with shopping was not repeated this year. Two years ago I had all of my big shopping done the first week of December, but I procrastinated on the finishing touches and the wrapping until my break. I know I don't want a repeat of that either.

Still on my to do list:
( )Finish up Christmas cards
( )Order pictures online
(X)Wrap 24 Christmas themed books so that the little boys can unwrap 1 book each night to read until Christmas as a countdown
(X)PTO agenda for meeting this week
(X)Let family know about plans to pick up tree Wednesday evening
( )Plan for cookie baking
(X)Check calendar for parties and programs

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