Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sleeping In

Oh, how I love my Christmas vacation time. It was long enough to get some tasks that I needed longer stretches of time to complete. I was able to enjoy a wonderful holiday and visit my mom's house a couple of times and spend some great lazy time just sitting around with everything done and the boys and I visit or play games or read together. It is very relaxing.

The most enjoyable part of vacation time is when there is nothing on our agenda and I can sleep until I wake up. The kids didn't let me do much of that before Christmas, but on this side of the holiday they are sleeping past 7 a.m. Daniel has been sleeping even longer. Since their bedtime is two hours later than school days, it is nice to not have to get up before dawn. Getting eight hours of sleep each night for several nights in a row is also very physically and spiritually rejuvenating. I am not pushing my body or soul. I can just get up refreshed and begin my day.

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