Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cardivascular Jump Start

After morning routines were completed yesterday I felt that I needed to get my workout back into being a part of my morning routine. Now that mornings can start at 6:30 or 7 a.m. (as opposed to 5) and I don' t have to be anywhere early for the next few weeks, it's a good time to get workouts out of the hit and miss time slot of afternoon or evening and back in the morning. My workday will be starting earlier when I go back in mid-August, so getting this habit well under way will help to energize the change when it comes.

EA Sports ActiveSo, after I put on my heart rate monitor to measure my workout, I went in to get my EA Active fired up. I usually do a fitness check with Wii Fit first so started that program on the Wii and the balance board wouldn't turn on. The batteries needed replaced. No big deal, I thought. I found the charger in the wall and a freshly charged set of batteries were ready to go. I put the batteries in and pushed the button again. This time the board flashed the blue light on and off over and over again. Now what? Do I need to sync it? Well I got it to work during the Wii Fit balance/fitness check, but not for the EA Active workout. So to save time and any further frustration on my part, I just did the workout without the Wii balance board. I think I will settle for my workout DVDs for the bulk of my fitness plan. I just hate how slow the interactive workouts are. EA Active is better than Wii Fit when it comes to time between exercises. Even so, I burned 449 calories with a maximum heart rate of 172 bpm in the 46 minutes it took me to get through the workout which varied between cardio and resistance exercises.

Yesterday also was time to get the yard mowing done before the next rain. I had a little help with the rider over the middle and bottom yards. I did two separate push mower workouts to do inside the fences in the top yard. It was an awesome day for cardio. Mowing burned a total of 891 calories in  a total of 76 minutes. And that adds up to over two hours of workouts. I really needed that.

Today, my workout was with an old friend, my Denise Austin DVD. I love how her workouts always have a variety of types of exercise. It sure keeps it interesting while I work up a sweat. I am so ready to start running again. I can't wait until my body has joined my mind.

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  1. Great work! Know exactly what you mean about the 'wasted' time between exercices...I find myself suddenly decluttering the livingroom inbetween! :D

    Mojito for you!