Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Down and Dark

It's the time of year that I just get through. I am not fond of winter. Yes, I can handle a beautiful snowy day from time to time. I can even appreciate a fire blazing in the fireplace on a cold winter evening. But I really don't like the early darkness that comes with it all. If I had time during the day to enjoy outside, I might feel differently. In the winter, daylight is most certainly burned before I can even arrive home from work, before I can even think to enjoy moments of time with my boys, with Joe or time for myself. I long for Spring. I yearn for the daylight hours to grow each day. I am in hopes that Summer and its long lit evenings will be here soon afterwards, and my spirits will be high as well. God bless the winter, and its ability to make me appreciate when the Earth is awake and alive with an abundance.

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