Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spell Check

The technique of fine writing for me has always been a two step process. The first draft is the emotion, spirit and intellect of who I am and what I believe being expressed. Writing in the morning is the time of my day when ideas flow freely. I am usually fresh from rest and the day is still full of promise. My ideas are generally clear and focused. BUT, I have to do my editing later. I do not catch errors. Later in the day I am more critical, not of my ideas themselves, nor of their credibility. I simply find technical and grammatical errors that somehow evade me in the early a.m. hours. I am often amazed at what errata escape me in the a.m., but never the less stand out stark and clearly wrong in the late afternoon

If I do my first draft writing later in the day, I find it to be more critical of my life and position and choices. I guess that is okay sometimes, but I find those writings harder to come back to later in agreement. It is harder for me as the day unfolds to get unique ideas. The writing seems more cliche. Stale. I want to hash it up later and make it something else entirely. There will be few publishings of first drafts or afternoon drafts from me.

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