Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March Forth! Or is it March fourth?

Okay, it’s spring. It’s spring! If I keep saying it, it will be true, right? I am so ready for warmer weather. We don't need the showers either since our ground is so saturated with all of the rain and melted snow. Today we ordered 16 tons of gravel and covered our mud mess in the driveway. It is mostly spread, but we need to finish up with a small lawn tractor, as a Bobcat doesn’t quite do the trick. Later in the week we hope to get pea gravel spread in the area between the fence and the new patio. The swing will go in this area. Hopefully by the weekend we can work on getting grass seed down. We will just keep spreading the seeds until we get a great lawn established.


  1. Growing grass in Kansas is a feat anyway with the clay. I know a lot of people that use bermudagrass in this area cause it starts better in the spring after the frost and it withstands kids and pets and very hot weather. It dies in the winter. (yay!) I think they said it was about $4/lb at Lowes and places like that. I hope everybody's feeling better.

  2. The "new" dirt we had hauled in last year to go around the house and patio is much better than the clay we have in other parts of the yard. It is just so saturated with moisture right now that I am afraid that it is going to start washing away if we don't get something to anchor it down soon. The rye seed we had put down last year has died and there is no trace of it left. We are going to try for a much earlier start this year.