Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break Begins

Spring may not yet be here officially, but although there is snow falling this morning, I know that Spring Break is here. I think I have more things planned for this week than is good for any one person, but if I get to sleep in a few times, I think I can make it. I will keep you posted.

Today we are going to celebrate Joe A.'s 25th birthday. His birthday was actually Wednesday, but as he works the evening shift, today was the first day we all have off work. I think we are headed down to the Rain Forest Cafe at the Oak Park Mall. We did the T-Rex Cafe last year, and he wants something different that his little brothers will enjoy.

Joe L. is in Missouri for the annual spoonbill fishing trip. The season run starts today, and he and a few buddies are fishing in the cold rain. Fish stories are to come, I am sure.

This school year I took over as the Math Club sponsor at my middle school. Yesterday, I supervised the Math Club's Pi Day Celebration after school. Pi is used to represent the irrational number you get when you divide a circle's circumference by its diameter. It is often estimated as 3.14, thus March 14th is Pi Day in the Math World. The Math Club members had decided to have pie--in fact they had a pie tasting contest. Wow, I never guessed that kids would get so excited about baking/making pies. A few kids brought in store bakery bought, but most of the pies were made by the kids, some with very little help from their families. The kids voted for their three favorites and it was a close competition for the top five spots. In the end the winners were French Silk in first, pumpkin in second, chocolate pecan in third, cherry in fourth, and lemon meringue in fifth. Not surprising is that the homemade pies rated highest and took all the top spots. I bought a 20 question electronic game for the top winner and all the students won Frisbees (the first Frisbees were pie plates thrown in a contest/game in Connecticut, and were made by the Frisbee Company). I think we will do this again next year with much more going on, now that we have lived it once. LOL

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