Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting O Day 2 Update

Yesterday's countdown to do list is complete.
(X) I have made the promise, God willing, to stay on track to the best of my ability. This will be my place of accountability and where I will report my progress.
(X) I have made the countdown page one of my start pages. I am by no means ready for Christmas music to start, but I am ready to look at what's up each day.
(X) I bought a table to extend my desk for a Christmas planning/wrapping area. I will eventually add my Christmas Cards and wrapping paper to the area, but so far I have my amaryllis plants as the window here gets the afternoon sun, my picture cube that has the calendars for the next few months and a picture of my cute nephew. My boys call it the Kevin box. I have a drawer full of the tools I will need including two new boxes of printer ink. There is also a place for my current magazines and my binder.
(X) I have read the articles Ready or Not (already in my binder) and Create a Christmas Holiday Planning Center (this is a new article, check it out).
( ) Today's recipe is something I have made for coworkers in the past, but I am not sure if I will do it this year. I will keep it on my list but report after the fact if I actually make some of them this week.

Today's checklist
(X) My Christmas Notebook is out and I have added a new calendar page, but I am working on adding pages to my planner as the weeks unfold. My notebook has all the checklists, articles and recipes and my planner will have all of the lists and plan pages that need to be portable. I am adding the lists as the assignment comes up with the Countdown daily tasks.
(X) Keeping the binder's contents a secret will be no problem around here. I really don't see my family sifting through Christmas themed articles and recipes in my Countdown binder. I am sure they will not be able to find my lists as I am going to be quiet on this front. A few of them are quit capable of finding this blog, LOL.
(X) Printed the 2008 calendar, checklist for this week and divider pages. I have already printed the binder cover page and spine several years ago.
( ) Pumpkin Spice Cookies will have to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday. I made two batches of them last year and they are really tasty and make the house smell like fall. I made one batch with walnuts and the second with pecans and it is a toss up as to which is best. So now I am 0 for 2 with the recipes this week, but I plan to turn it around as I do recommend them. I did find a link to witches brew this year that may be better than the pumpkin poop from day one for friends at work.

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