Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Place to Plan

Five Days until Halloween, One Month until Thanksgiving and Two Months until Christmas

So next Friday is Halloween, and the little kids are going to enjoy cousins coming over Friday and Saturday. I am planning what it is we will do for a fun day next Friday and Saturday with the kids.

In the meanwhile, the Countdown has started. I am making a list of things I need this week. My first goal is to set up a Christmas Planning Center. This is the one thing I have never done more than make shift at the dining room table, a space in the closet and even the bedroom floor. I hope that putting a planning/gift wrapping/card writing/scrapbook making/working area will make my preparations go more smoothly this year as well as give me a productive work space for other goals. I measured for a table in the corner near my desk, and I hope to pick one up today. One of the downfalls of my office area is that there is really no space to work since the computer takes up much of the work space. A table will create a wrap around work area. I think it is also important to have the Christmas planning/work area close by my computer as much of my ideas and resources are right there.

So the things I have added to my shopping list are amaryllis bulbs to start, the table (that can also double as an extra dining table when we entertain inside or outside), fun foods for next week's cousin fun days and Raymond still needs a costume.

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