Friday, November 28, 2008


Besides the fact that I was a bit on the run down side yesterday, and that I was fizzling out at 7 p.m., our family's Thanksgiving was great.

I think the highlight of my morning, and maybe my week, was when my youngest son Daniel, while we were dancing to one of the songs on a Christmas video the boys were watching this morning, stopped and said, "Do you know what I'm thankful for? ...For you Mommy!" I told him I was thankful for him as well, and gave him a big hug as we continued our dance. He is a very cuddly loving boy, and I am so blessed to have him reminding me every day that I am loved.

Another highlight was Wednesday evening. The boys helped to prepare pumpkin pies for the Thanksgiving dinner. Each of them worked on each step, and as we doubled the recipe, each one completed a pie in the end. Raymond set the timer and they both waited for the first high heat to complete and then helped with peeling eggs, opening olive cans and loading the dishwasher while they waited for the pies to finish baking. They were so proud as they announced to all who came for dinner that hey had made the pumpkin pies.

My grandma came for dinner along with my mom. The first moments with Grandma were a bit rough as she didn't know where she was although she has shared many Thanksgiving dinners with us here. She didn't recognize my family until we sat down and spent some time talking about time we had spent together in the past. She asked if Raymond used to be called Ray Ray. Once she got into the moment she seemed to really enjoy the visit. I got a couple of great pictures of her, this one with my youngest son Daniel.

It was too warm in the house with the roaster, oven and stove top going to enjoy a fire all day, so I waited until the they were off right before dinner, I had already opened the window in the kitchen and we had a nice fire in the fireplace during dinner. My nephew Alex also came for dinner. He is also a regular for holiday celebrations. Joe did his usual after dinner entertainment and had Mom laughing so hard she was crying. I almost cried laughing at my mom laughing. It was great.

The evening was here before we knew it and it was time for guests to get home before it got dark. As I said before I was worn out very early. We spent the evening after guests left watching the traditional cartoon favorites and I did my traditional napping on the couch as they watched.

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