Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Purple Crayon

Wow! I still have a lot on my life list. It is a good thing I feel that at least parts of it are under control. I keep telling myself to focus on what I have accomplished and then do what I can to get anything else done by priority.

Last night the three older boys went out for haircuts (Thank You!!!!) and then did some shopping. They didn't even set out until after six o'clock and they go to some macho guy sport styling salon. The little boys went to bed at 7 after opening up their next countdown surprise, the book "Harold at the North Pole" by Crockett Johnson. This is the same Harold and his purple crayon that Johnson wrote. I turned in early myself, and I was probably out before the boys.

Daniel is collecting the notes attached to each countdown surprise. The surprise basket is getting lighter each evening.

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