Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Wet White Day

Joe left very early this morning to visit his dad in Oklahoma and left in the middle of a thunderstorm that soon turned to ice and snow storms. I was thinking we may be in trouble as soon as it was light because the rain that was coming down was freezing as it was so cold on the ground. Often that is what happens before the power lines go down and we are out of electricity for hours or sometimes days. Since we bought the new generators after last year's ice storm, I think we may never have to use them. It is funny/strange how that is how it works sometimes.

While we enjoyed the snow coming down, my sister and I pretty much just sat around and visited. The weather let up just in time for the road crews to clear the roads before my son Joe had to go to work. The boys were trying out more of their new Wii games and we watched new movies.

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