Sunday, January 3, 2010

End of Christmas Vacation

Bittersweet. That's one word to describe today. Feeling a bit sad that spending some time with the boys and being able to do things that are on my own agenda is near over. Despite that bit of sadness I do have to admit that I also feel refreshed and ready to meet the long second semester coming up for the school year. I feel blessed that the little boys and I have had a very long break together, and last night I stayed up late one last time and slept in (after one early morning check to make sure Rick made it to work safely in all the new slick snow).

You may notice that I have finally updated the counter at the bottom of this page. It is now counting the days until Spring Break. We do have a couple of extra days off between now and then, but Spring Break is the halfway point for the semester, and includes a week off of teaching classes. So that's what I am shooting for, making the best of my time between now and then, keeping on track and staying positive all along the way.

So my plans are to get everything set up for tomorrow and then enjoy a laid back, easy evening. I wonder if I can pull it off.

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