Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I am not really sure how I feel today. I am fighting a cold, but have much to do. Last night I finished a few things on my list.

I have;

Hooked up the new printer - It's about time!!!

Printed my budget sheets for my planner - Dave would be proud :^>

Balanced checkbook

Paid bills

What I still have left for this week;

Sort through and file or trash paperwork on my desk

Prepare our taxes for Federal and State

Go through one box of my scrapbook and craft supplies

And keep up with my normal routines - I have kept up with the laundry so far, cleaned the bathroom and dealt with the budget. I think I am on track.

Since I am feeling really lousy, I will just do what I can. Tomorrow they are calling for a big snow. 5-8 inches in our area. I would rather it not. Did I mention I am done with winter.

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