Friday, February 1, 2008


Last night I received word that a very dear friend and brother in Christ had passed away. He was like a grandfather really. He reminded me a lot of my own grandpa. They were just months apart in age and both had lived through the same rough times of life in the depression. Since my own grandpa has been gone for 18 years, I am even more so saddened by this loss. Up until just a few years ago he was a robust man. He had strong hands and a kind heart.

I met him when I was a teen, and he and his wife had a special relationship with my younger sister and brother, and since then with our children as well. Over the years, both he and his wife have been examples of steadfastness, faithfulness and obedience to God. He was diagnosed with lung cancer, and never having been a smoker, still had worked with people for years that did smoke and had plenty of second hand exposure. They ended up taking part of his lung, and he had not really gained his strength back again. He and his wife had been married since August of 1938 and would have celebrated their 70th wedding anniversay this year. I don't know how she will go on without him.

I will miss John, and pray that I can see him again, and give praise to our Father and our Lord together, when I get to the other side.

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