Saturday, July 26, 2008


Raymond and I both share birthdays in July. In fact he was born 3 days after my 36th birthday, and we have been celebrating together ever since. This year, I spent my birthday at the Royal Gorge Bridge and had dinner with a candle lit on my hot fudge sundae dessert. Raymond celebrated his birthday atop Pike's Peak. Now that we are home, we celebrated Raymond's birthday with a get together here at the house for family and friends with cake and ice cream and a few surprises.

Daniel and I at the clock in Royal Gorge Park, July 18th.

Raymond enjoying his birthday donut at the top of Pike's Peak, July 21st.

Bring on the Happy Birthday song and make a wish, Raymond, July 26th.

This is most of the birthday party line-up.

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  1. I finally got caught up on the Colorado and beyond. I had just skimmed it earlier before work. Great pictures.