Saturday, August 9, 2008

Now What?

And I really mean that. Enrollment is up in my school and especially in the grade I teach, so they are looking to hire another teacher. The problem is, since it is last minute, they will have to find someone that is competent in teaching something quickly, and then I will teach whatever is not covered. So after moving classrooms this summer, I am not even sure what it is I will be teaching. It will probably be either Math, Science or Literature. I have already been doing both Math and Science for the past three years, but they are taught in different rooms, so I am not really sure which classroom I will be teaching in this year. Literature would be new to me at this level, but doable. Math and Literature are the two subjects with high stake test this school year.The thing is school starts Wednesday and I already have two new teachers on my team that need a lot of support. How am I ever going to get it together if I don't know what I am going to be teaching? I guess I just will prepare for all possible scenarios and not get too attached to my schedule that I will start the year with. Hopefully a decision will be made Monday and help will be on the way before classes start.

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