Sunday, August 10, 2008

Be Prepared!

I am getting ready for the students to show up for school in just three days. The more prepared I am the better the year will go.

I am also preparing the younger boys to return to school on Thursday. Raymond, now eight and a third grader, will have no problem with a teacher he knows. I did my student teaching with her and school routines that are now familiar to him. His challenge is making the transition to getting to bed earlier, and he has been doing a good job over the past week. He has also been getting up daily at 6:30 to 7 in the morning. Daniel is only four, and this year will be a preschooler again. He has been to preschool last year and part of the year before, but I have always been the one to take him to school and most often been the one to pick him up after school. This year he is going to the public preschool in our district for half days and will ride a bus without his brother on the way to school. Raymond and Daniel will be on the same bus for the ride home.

We will go to Daniel's school on Tuesday so he can meet his teacher, drop off supplies and see his classroom. Then we will go to Raymond's school on Wednesday evening. At Raymond's Back to School Night we have organized a hot dog feed for the families. I won't be there to get it set up, and we have found volunteers to grill and clean up, so I hope all goes well. We didn't really get it advertised, except on the local radio station, but not everybody listens to it (I don't ). I hope we have a good turn out.

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