Sunday, November 2, 2008

Balmy November Beginning

November has come in with the most amazing weather. It took a bit of time for the thick fog to lift from the landscape Saturday morning, but once it did there were clear blue skies overhead and a bed of prickly cushion underneath as a half dozen kids, one big sister and some adventurous parents set out on a hay ride to enjoy the multiple hues of the season in the early autumn afternoon.

It was planned that we would enjoy hot cocoa after the trip, but it was much too warm when we returned to even consider drinking something that would warm us further, and we ended up picnicking with pizza on the patio while the kids played, mostly outside. A couple more neighbor kids joined in the play as the afternoon went on, and it was a party atmosphere until dinner time. When it was time for friends and cousins to go home, there were some long faces, and not one kid ready to call the day done, including the ones that live here.

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