Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week of Reality is Here

What is a reality check? It is finding and planning what I can do with what I have as resources this year. It often involves setting priorities with my time and money. Every year seems to have a bit of different circumstance for our family. Change has come as children join the family and as they grow older and change interests, jobs change from time to time, important people in our lives move in and out and sometimes back in again and the focus of what is most important at a given point are sometimes slightly altered as we grow more mature and are presented with varying life challenges.

I think that with Election Day looming this week I may have to face a reality check of sorts with how I am going to make decisions based on who has the power in my country and state. As there have been some irresponsible decisions made on the part of a couple of the federal and state level representatives, I have to plan more conservatively for the months ahead regardless of the outcome of Tuesday's elections.

Now back to this week's checklist which includes these tasks for today;
( ) Getting my Christmas letter written (I have the paper already)
( ) Updating my Christmas card list and writing and addressing one fifth of the cards (yes I have the cards, but still need to buy my stamps as soon as I get the number of Christmas cards count)
( ) Creating my Christmas list and starting the gift idea planners for those on my list
( ) Read the "Simplify Your Holidays" article
( ) Change the batteries in smoke detectors
( ) Pack up all the Halloween decorations and extras

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