Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sleep, Sleep, Need Some Sleep

Okay, the clocks rolled back an hour this past weekend, and the clock in my head is ready to shut down earlier than I would like. The problem with that is the list of things I have to do is no shorter than it was last week. I am not having such a hard time with getting up in the morning. In fact the little boys are still getting up according to their internal clock, and they both have been up at near 5:30 a.m. the past two days.

I am making it my goal to leave work during daylight hours (which gets harder as the winter solstice approaches) so I can see natural light each day. I do not have windows in my classroom this year, so missing the sun is very possible if I work past five. This week I am driving to school in daylight so I will enjoy that for a couple of weeks before we are reduced to the shorter December and January versions of day. So as my mind is shutting down earlier, I will try to get to sleep earlier this week and pack all I can into a smaller amount of time in the weeks to come.

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