Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blustry Cold Winds

This week has been a real change in seasons. At the beginning of the week we were enjoying mild weather, warm mornings and much time outside. For Tuesday's election day, we went to the polling station with no need for a jacket, although with the time change this week, it is darker an hour earlier. By the end of the week the highs are in the 40s.

Oh well. Winter is destined to come in the weeks that follow. At least we did not experience the blizzards that they did in Colorado, Nebraska and the Dakotas this week. That same storm is now hitting Illinois. The one thing I look forward to when winter arrives is the two week break the little boys and I get from school and work. Once the break is over, winter is just something to endure. Although it marks the beginning of winter, I start counting down the days until spring arrives. Now I am just looking forward to enjoying Thanksgiving Break which will be five days of family time and then three weeks later winter break will begin.

Joe is in full swing with both remodeling and winterizing his house. He has been in training all week which means that he has had evenings off to work. He has today off as well before he starts back with his normal schedule. He is putting a wall up in the kitchen where once there was a sliding glass double door. They finished with the inside wall this morning. The door that they took out yesterday led to the deck that Joe has taken off to extend his driveway. They picked up the new furnace and they will install it as soon as they build the stand for it.

Rick started a new job this week. It is not his dream job by any means, but it is close to home and pays enough to get his bills paid. The nicest part is that it is a day job. His past jobs have always been night jobs and now he can get his internal clock to normal after nearly four years of working the overnight shift. He won't have to work weekends or holidays either.

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