Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice Day

It was supposed to be the final school Friday for 2008. Having school has been an iffy proposition all week long. Yesterday ended up not being bad at all. They had predicted the possibility that we may have had a sheet of ice to drive on yesterday. In reality the precipitation was extremely light here to our benefit and we were able to go about our day as normal. Due to the rain yesterday evening and overnight, the country roads in our area are icy and the boys and I are out of school yet again.

The boys did not stay in bed though and were up at the normal time and had breakfast before seven a.m. I spent the day wishing for a nap that never came. Although I am not feeling well today, I still would have rather went to school and enjoyed the plans we had for the end of the quarter.

The surprise for tonight was the story, "Merry Christmas, Strega Nona", by Tomie de Paola. In the story there is a surprise that brings disappointment first, and then when the surprise is revealed, there is a real celebration. The boys were commenting on how lazy the character Anthony was by not helping Strega Nona, and when they found out that he had actually put in a lot of effort without Strega Nona knowing about it, they were surprised, too.

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