Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ice Is Here Again

Actually it is freezing rain. I am blessed that it was not a problem on the roads I had to drive on today, and so I made it to and from work with no problem. I did get a phone call mid-morning that they canceled Daniel's preschool for this afternoon. The rain is supposed to stop later this evening and then hopefully the roads will be treated so we can make it to school safely tomorrow.

It is a good thing that I gave a test today as I have completely lost my voice. I am drinking as much water as I can. It is a bit easier since I am not actually teaching a lesson today. I have tried to get a cup of tea in a couple of times today as well and that felt good, especially when it was very warm on my throat. My throat is not really sore, just congested as are my sinuses. I am aiming at sleeping early tonight. Daniel is already out, I will let Joe deal with Raymond (who is convinced somehow that he will not have school tomorrow).

In between the rain, there was a break just long enough for the boys to play outside in the snow. They have a plastic toboggan they rode down the hill at the back of the house and Joe had put a set of chains on the go cart so they had fun for a little more than an hour. The neighbor boys had come over to play and outside always works better with the four boys playing.

Tonight's surprise was the story, "Frosty the Snow Man". When Raymond was really little he LOVED Frosty and would listen to the story or watch the video over and over again. I think he has both of them near memorized even to this day.

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