Sunday, December 14, 2008

Working Inside Out

We took the little boys to see Santa last weekend. I picked up the picture today. Raymond had already talked to Santa in July
when we visited the North Pole in Colorado (as did Daniel) and told Santa to read the letter he sent earlier in the week.

The hard work is done, and the celebrations have began. I still have some wrapping to do even though my deadline has passed, I do still have time. I will not be wrapping after hours on Christmas Eve, nor during my Christmas break that starts Friday night.

Today I have
(X) Spent 45 minutes giving the Master Bathroom a thorough cleaning
(X) Spent 30 minutes cleaning the bedroom
(X) Joe and the little boys worked on the walkway next to the new railing at the back door
(X) Patio furniture and outdoor toys put away for the winter
(X) Cleaning of the dining room and great room
(X) Last of the decorating completed (I still have not pulled out my snowmen. Now where could they be?)
(X) Watched several Christmas movies with the boys; ELF, A Christmas Story and Muppet Christmas Carol
(X) Enjoyed a family dinner and a fire in the fireplace throughout the very cold afternoon/evening.

The Countdown Surprise was the book, "The Littlest Christmas Elf". And there were only 10 cookies left on the ribbon when the boys went to bed.

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